PFS is a debilitating condition that can develop during or upon cessation of taking anti hair-loss drugs such as Finasteride. The condition can lead to dramatically diminished quality of life and suicide.
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Our Mission

To discover treatments and a cure for PFS by funding research, design research projects, and organize PFS working groups. 

Simon Breidert is physician & co-founder and president of the PFS Research Association. He fights for PFS to be officially recognized and pushes forward research to understand the disease

Raising Funds For Research

We are seeking donors for upcoming research studies

  • Several articles are published each year
  • Over 150 scientific papers have been published
  • 1 leading team of scientists in Italy
  • 2 new projects in pipelines

Building A Research Network

We are centralizing global knowledge about PFS & staying in close contact with researchers

  • Collecting publications about PFS & PSSD
  • Organizing meetings between research groups
  • Building a research council
  • Applying for governmental research grants

Mobilizing And Seeking For Volunteers

Creating a volunteer network and connecting the community

We are looking for YOU to participate in our global effort to make PFS a curable disease. Family, friends, and patients can connect through various projects and help to reach a cure faster. Everyone has a gift and even just 15 minutes of your time can make a difference. 

Patient Stories

Read what victims have to say

Patients from all over the world have shared their stories. Read about their journeys and share your own. Every story shared can make a difference and help raise public awareness about PFS.

Do Think you may have PFS?

Have you or a loved one experienced persistent adverse effects following the use of an anti-androgen product or antidepressant?

Help Us Find The Cure

Stories & News

Check out patient stories, press releases & research.


Support us to help people with PFS by making a donation.


Volunteers help us make research projects a reality.